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This WebDisc copy contains a complete duplicate of the web.archive.org archive of www.newamericancentury.org (all dates), and was created on June 11, 2008. The original www.newamericancentury.org website no longer exists as of this date (taken down around 5/17/2008).

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Important notes about WebDisc copies of content from web.archive.org

The web.archive.org system uses a rudimentary spider for crawling and archiving sites, and as a result it frequently omits to copy content that is linked using advanced techniques such as scripts, Flash or Java applets, or dynamic HTML. The omissions may not be apparent when browsing web.archive.org, because the missing content (usually images) will be supplied by the original webserver. However, when we create a WebDisc™ copy of the archived content, content not on web.archive.org will not be on the disk, and will not be seen in the browser. Missing images will appear as empty boxes; missing scripts may cause script errors; links to missing pages will cause "not found" errors when clicked, or may go directly to the originating website or to web.archive.org. Please also note that the Wayback Machine usually keeps several copies of files, all at different times. Each copy contains a timestamp in its URL. When a page is fetched from web.archive.org, the archive may return a page with a different timestamp than the one requested (this will always occur when the requested timestamp is not in the archive). As a result, when browsing an archived copy of a website on web.archive.org, or on a WebDisc copy of it, please remember to pay attention to the timestamp in the URL. You may begin browsing one day's content, but after a few clicks the timestamp may have changed, because the page you fetched was only available from the archive on a different day. On the WebDisc, the content is ordinarily stored in subfolders according to its original location on web.archive.org. This system includes the timestamp as a directory. You can therefore easily search for content available on a given day or range of days using the Windows "Search" function (from the Start menu), or using a search system such as Google Desktop, to find files included in folders with the timestamps of interest to you. Wayback Machine timestamps use the format YYYYMMDDhhmmss, so to find all files available on June 3, 2006, you would search for folders named 20060603*.

About WebDisc

WebDisc is a service in which we make a copy of an entire website, multiple websites, or only part of a website, and put the copy on a CD or DVD. The disc requires no software and is completely platform-independent: It can be browsed on any computer with any browser. We can copy sites with Javascript, Style Sheets, Dynamic HTML, cookie dependencies, Java applets, and many other types of complex content. We can also copy sites that are password-protected (with your permission, of course), and sites that are written in multi-byte character sets (for example Chinese). We can even copy sites that have HTML forms, or are generated by ASP or CGI or similar dynamic content. For more information, or to request a free quote, please visit